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Learn About the Different Types of Toilet Partitions​​​​​​​

There are 5 major Materials for bathroom partition on the market today. Traditionally, the materials of partitions used depends on the amount of traffic the restroom will receive. Below is a snapshot of each of the material we provide.

Powder Coated Steel

Metal partitions are the most common and economical option available. The most common one is the powder-coated steel. Color is applied over a sheet of metal that cover a honeycomb cardboard core. It is the favorite option as it offers a nice finish and variety of colors at an entry level price.

Plastic Laminate

This material cost about 10% more than the powder coated steel, our first option. The panels are created by gluing a layer of laminate to a particle board core and sandwiching then under intense pressure. It is available in a wide variety of colors and mounting styles. This material is not recommended in humid or areas that can become wet, such as water parks and pool bathrooms. If you install this type of partition, be sure to have it installed away from a shower area.

Solid Plastic

Solid plastic partitions are very durable and resistant. They are made of one-inch thick solid plastic panels, that will cost almost 75% more than powder coated steel partition and about 65% more than plastic laminate partition. They are the ideal solution for public restrooms, schools, transportation facilities bathrooms and heavy traffic restrooms. Priced high than the first two, but they will last longer than many other partition types. 

Stainless Steel

If you want a durable and sophisticated look, then, stainless steel partitions are the best option.  Between these five choices, stainless steel partitions are one of the most expensive, and sometimes they can cost twice as much as the powder coated steel partitions. They can last very long time and they are scratch-resistant and clean easily. Stainless steel partitions can be used almost in any environment including water or humid environments.

Solid Surface

Although rarely seen, solid surface partitions offer a sense of elegance and class. This material comprised of man-made materials consisting of mineral dusts combined with a variety of plastic resins and pigments. For affordable luxury, the polymer based artificial stone can replicate natural colors or patterns such as granite, marble or stone. Our standard line is comprised of over 60 colors and patterns.

These 5 options listed above are among the favorites types of wall partitions in the market. However, there are many more options available, but everything will depend on what you have been required to install. Be sure to compare prices and remember that the layout of bathroom will also influence on the pricing for your partition.